About Anti-SuperNanny

Why are you so against SuperNanny?  What makes you so different?
I’m not against SuperNanny, but I’m definitely not her.  A lot of people love SuperNanny.  Kudos to her!  Her approach works for some people, and that’s great.

A lot of families, however, struggle with her hard-nosed discipline policies.  Parents are supposed to be the bosses of their children, she says.  There is a quietly, yet quickly, growing population that disagrees.  Parents and children should be on the same team, we say.

Yes, parents do know better sometimes, and it is our job to impart that wisdom – especially when it comes to our values and our children’s safety.  All too often, however, society seeks to silence the voices of children, who possess a greater wisdom than many of us have allowed ourselves to recognize.

Children are able to grasp the concept of consequences and discipline tools. From the child who says, “I need to watch the fishies swim until my anger goes away,” to the little one who says, “I need a ‘Thinking Step’ to sit on so I don’t hurt my sister when I’m mad,” children are remarkably well-suited to tell us as parents and educators exactly what they need.

The trick is, learning how to listen.

email me: anti.supernanny@gmail.com


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