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Weekends are tough, because, well they’re weekends, and children consume them.    I don’t get a whole lot of time to sit at the computer and play, much less write something meaningful.  However, I still want to put something useful out there.  I want this blog to be a resource for gentle parenting and wisdom, and I don’t want to just rehash what everyone else is said.

I got to thinking about it, and I had the idea of posting “How would you…?” questions; questions to get parents thinking about what they would do in different situations and conversing amongst one another.  I think I really like this idea; the more I think about it, the more it appeals to me.

On the other hand, there is something more practical that should be mentioned, if not discussed.  In two weeks, I will be moving out of state.  My internet access will be considerably less, and I will be quite busy coping with real-life changes.  This means that I, myself, may not be able to post as reliably.  And since this is a new blog, I don’t exactly have a great wealth of archives to dig into for the purpose of revisiting old, familiar issues.

So I would like to pose the question to you, dear readers – what would you have me do during that transition period of mine?  How can I keep you all engaged from post to post and provide the resource that I want this to be?

Or, if you prefer my original idea, I’ll just pose a few simple scenarios:

  • Imagine you’re out at the bar, and you’ve had a few too many.  In this state, you inadvertently embarrass your significant other, who then turns and tells you if you don’t stop this behavior RIGHT NOW, you will not only have to leave early, but you will also have to sit in a chair for approximately half an hour (or whatever number corresponds to your age) to think about what you’ve done.  You’re not totally sure what “this behavior” means.  How do you respond?
  • Imagine, not knowing what the behavior was in the first place, you continued to embarrass your partner.  As a result, you leave the bar about an hour earlier than intended and find yourself sitting in a chair away from everything comforting to you, with no explanation other than, “You were told if you didn’t stop, you’d be sitting here.  You didn’t stop.”  How do you feel?

One more quick thought before I burn my dinner:  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day!  Lest anyone have any guilt about their parenting choices, I want to reiterate loudly and vehemently, We do the best we can with what we have!  You love your children.  Drop the guilt, and do it – LOVE THOSE BABIES OF YOURS!  Spoil them rotten, indulge them with hugs and kisses and as many treats as you can bear.  You can never love a child too much.

I will be doing just that.  Tomorrow, you’ll likely not see a post from me.  Enjoy the day off, and good luck mamas! (And papas, too – how could we forget you?)